Features Overview

Standard BlueSites Features

Standard homepage features are a full-width slider with text overlay, issues highlighter, and candidate quote. Additional panels with additional features can be added (see Website Features FAQ for more info).
Default content types available are pages, endorsements (demo to come), FAQs (demo), galleries (demo), issues (demo), and news (demo is labeled ‘Articles’; accommodates campaign press release and news items from another online source). If you need additional content types (events, for instance), we can add them.
Submittable forms are included, and provide an easy way for visitors to sign up as volunteers or ask questions. All form entries are both emailed to you (or to staff) and kept in the admin area of the website. Forms can include a means of collecting names and email addresses into your email campaign provider (eg. MailChimp or Constant Contact). Alternately, a popup form can be provided for the express purpose of collecting names and email addresses, and this is recommended.
Fundraising can be solicited on your website and via email campaigns, and transactions should occur via ActBlue, which provides campaign finance services beyond collecting donations (record-keeping, reporting, etc.).

Site Branding Unique to Your Campaign

Initial setup includes customizing the website with your campaign branding: logo, colors, photos, etc. Don’t already have a campaign logo? We’ll design one based on your name for $300.
Nothing communicates the character of a campaign and candidate better than photos, with the exception of professional-quality videos. Work with a professional photographer to ensure high-quality, compelling visuals (advice: check out their previous work before hiring). We’ll be happy to confer with your photographer to discuss your campaign site photo needs. MORE INFO»

State and Local Race Support

It’s become painfully clear that, if American democracy is to survive and thrive, Democrats must be in control of government at all levels. BlueSites.net was created to connect with Democratic candidates and support them in winning state and local races (if you’re running a national campaign, you need more website support than we can offer).

Easy, Efficient Content Updates

Extensive use of custom fields makes adding site content easy and efficient. Adding most types of content is as easy as ‘filling in the blank’, and content displays on the website in pre-formatted templates. The need to design each and every new page, press release, or blog post is eliminated (because, really, don’t you and your staff have better things to spend time on?)

Rock-solid Webhosting and Website Platform

A great site starts with webhosting on reliable, state-of-the-art servers. BlueSites are hosted on Brownrice Internet’s fully managed, cloud-based virtual private server (VPS) hosting solutions that provide reliability and full root access. Just as important, they offer 24/7 on-site support so we can get help quickly if needed. BlueSites are built on WordPress by professional developers to be trouble-free and secure. Wordfence, a premium security application, protects BlueSites from brute-force attacks, cross-site scripting, and many other threats, and allows country blocking to dramatically reduce exposure to attacks.

Choose Your Support Plan

Support includes site modifications (design and coding), site maintenance, and content additions/updates. Choose the support plan that’s right for you and your campaign organization, from the self-managed DIY Plan to the Priority Plan with unlimited support, or the in-between Standard Plan. Whichever plan you choose, we’re always ready to come to your assistance, and all plans include fully managed webhosting, security monitoring, and software updates. COMPARE PLANS»

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