Frequently Asked Questions

Campaign Website Features

I want a feature not listed as a BlueSites feature. Can it be added?

Yes! However, implementing a new feature is an add-on cost based on the time necessary to add it. Depending on the time required, the cost could be minimal or quite a lot; we’re happy to provide estimates for specific requests.

Website Customization/Branding

How long does it take to launch a branded campaign website?

Optimistically, it takes 1-2 weeks, dependent on you having your initial content (logo, images, text) ready to go at the time the site is ordered. Realistically, 3-4 weeks is a more likely time frame, but content availability is always a factor in site delivery time.

What do you need from me to support our campaign branding?

At minimum, we need two things: your campaign logo (from which website colors will be derived), and some professional quality photos that are able to be sized and cropped to meet requirements where they will appear. Photos do more to communicate who a candidate is, and what’s important to them than anything else on the website. Pro tip: work with a professional photographer; cell phone photos are rarely adequate.

We use videos to help communicate our message. Can the website include videos?

Absolutely! And we strongly recommend videos! Cell-phone videos can work for some informal settings (for instance, visiting a local fair), but like with photos, professional quality videos will help sell your message much better.

Can we upload a bunch of photos documenting an event?

Yes! Our ‘Gallery’ feature is expressly designed for that sort of thing. You can have a gallery for each event, or galleries illustrating issues; however you want to use it. Galleries can also include a video.

Can my graphic designer design my campaign website?

Not under the terms and price offered, as that makes for a much longer and more complex process.
However, we welcome an initial consultation with your designer to discuss existing graphics and branding.
If you like, we can offer a quote for developing a website based on your designer’s site design, following a meeting in which they present screenshots of the design and we have a chance to ask questions to clarify their intent. That website would be subject to a different pricing and support model than offered for BlueSites websites (translation: as a bespoke website, it’s going to cost more and take longer to launch).

Website Management

What kinds of skills does someone need to update my campaign website?

Most of the skills are very common to anyone who uses a text editor, although there are some rules about HTML formatting that need to be followed. The less common skill that’s needed that is the ability to crop and size images (some images must be a certain size and/or aspect ratio). Again, if you’ve chosen the Standard or Priority Support plans, we can fill in the gaps for no extra cost.

There is a person on my staff who will make content updates. Can you train them to be proficient on the campaign site?

Yes, we can. Also, assuming you choose Standard or Priority Support, we are available to help with no-charge updates as well.

How do we request support?

We have a Support Request page, from which you can submit a request, giving us the details necessary to assist. If it’s an emergency, you can follow up that request with a phone call, but please do not call without first submitting the request form.

What are your support hours?

We’re generally available for support 8am – 7pm, Eastern time; occasionally outside those hours. Also, if it’s an emergency, you should submit a support request, then call us at 505-577-4002.

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